A few years on

Years have past since I have started restoration. I still am haunted by my circumcision. Haunted by the decision which was not mine to make. Haunted by how this practice can still be done to babies, both male and female.

Reading this story makes me sad. Parents did not want son cut, doctor persuades them, and child dies. Tragic.


How can people be so unfeeling

Talking about the Chase case in the US, where the father is demanding the right that 4 year old Chase be cut. How can the father be so unfeeling, be so cruel. This is madness.

Responses to CDC needed

Please comment on the CDC draft recommendations by 16th Jan 2015. Tell the CDC how circumcision has affected you and that it needs to be stopped now.


Please donate to this cause #SavingChase

It is the his body, his rights.


South African men speak up.

DJ sparks big row over snip – Circumcision not good for HIV


Australasian Institute for Genital Autonomy

Please visit http://www.aiga.org.au/

Wonderful website created by a gropu of really passionate, dedicate human beings who are making the world a better place.



Make your stand now






What’s happening in the world

I haven’t maintained this blog often but news like this is always welcome. In short, common sense prevails in Germany. The article says it much better than me, ‘circumcision of minors for religious reasons should be considered a physical assault, according a district court ruling in the German city of Cologne’.



Thank You Alan Cumming


Happy New Year!

I haven’t been updating this blog as often as I would have liked to. Truth is, I’m going really well in restoration. The Dual Tension Restorer is a magnificent product, though it can be seen through tight clothing. Talking to friends who you can trust does wonders for the mind. I hope for a future where circumcision of babies regardless of sex or religion is made illegal.

Happy New Year to all my readers, hope you have a great 2012.